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  International Journal of Applied Remote Sensing and GIS (Volume 1, Issue 1, DEC-2014)  
  S.No    Research Paper / Articals Authors Download
  1. Editorial Board   Download
  2. Investigating the Geographical Potentialities of
Balteem Summer Resort City, Egypt for Sustainable
Urban Development: Applying SWOT Analysis and GIS
Hany Samy Abu El Ela Download    
  3. Remote Sensing and GIS based Geoenvironmental Investigations in Mahoba District of Bundelkhand
Region of U.P., India
Aniruddha Uniyal, Devendra Mishra & P.N. Shah Download
  4. Morphometric Analysis for Assessment of Linear,
Aerial and Relief Parameters of Gomti River Basin
Using IRS-L3 Data
Sudhakar Shukla, Rajiva Mohan, Amit Mishra & Mayank Misra Download
  5. Urban Landuse Mapping of Baghpat-Baraut-Khekhra Development Authority Area Using Remote Sensing
 and Geographical Information System Techniques (GIS)
Virendra Kumar, Ekta Singh
 & Anugya Shukla
  6.  Assessment of Temporal Migration of Gomti River
Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
Sudhakar Shukla, Rajiva Mohan, Mayank Misra
& Amit Mishra