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  International Journal of Applied Remote Sensing and GIS (Volume 2, Issue 2, June-2015)  
  S.No    Research Paper / Articals Authors Download
  1. Editorial Board   Download
  2. Implication of Drainage Basin Parameters of Kukrail Nala, Ganga Plain, using Remote Sensing and GIS techniques Dhirendra Kumar, Dhruv Sen Singh & Manisha Mishra Download    
  3. Alternative Approach for Recognition of Potential Ground Water Zones Using GIS and Remote Sensing  Abdalla Alobeid, Ali Aldosari, Muhamad Alrajhi & Mudasir Khan Download
  4. Remote Sensing Based Wetland Mapping and Analysis of Declining Trend of Water Bodies in Different Sectors of Gomti River Basin: A Satellite Remote Sensing Based Approach Mayank Misra, SudhakarShukla & Rajiva Mohan Download
  5. Assessment and Prediction of Slope Instability in the Lish River Basin of Eastern Darjiling Himalaya using RS & GIS  Biplab Mandal & Sujit Mondal Download
  6. A Review on Remote Sensing Techniques to Measure the Solar Differential Rotation Satish Chandra Download