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Journal of Advance Urban and Transportation Systems

The dynamic structure of cities is changing with the movement of people and freight. The desire for affordable housing has changed the old known trip pattern into very long destinations towards the outskirts of cities. That has given birth to very complex trip pattern evolving more complex urban structure to understand and to manage. The Journal of Advance Urban and Transportation Systems invites research papers from academicians, professionals and experts to address all related issues.
Scope of Journal

  • Network analysis
  • Morphological
  • Functional and topogical approaches
  • Flow analysis
  • Transport evaluation
  • Transport and environment
  • Transport demand and supply analysis
  • Socioeconomic importance of transport development
  • Application of remote sensing and gis in transport studies
  • Urban morphology
  • Sprawl
  • Slums
  • Urban economy
  • Socio economic structure of urban areas
  • Urban transport
  • Urbanisation
  • Future of urbanization
Any other topic related to urban and transport studies

Editorial Team                                                            Editor: Dr. Hany Samy Abu El Ela