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  International Journal of Applied Remote Sensing and GIS (Volume 4, Issue 1&2, June & Dec-2017)  
  S.No    Research Paper / Articals Authors Download
  1. Editorial Board   Download      
  2. Irrigated Cropland Identification using Remote Sensing in India Chandra Kant , Manisha Mishra Download    
  3. Evaluation of Fusion Techniques for High Resolution Data - A Worldview-2 Imagery Shashank Kumar Anshu , Hina Pande Poonam S.Tiwari Sudhakar Shukla Download
  4. Crop Yield Estimation Based on Landsat-NDVI: A Case Study of Sitapur District, Uttar Pradesh, India Chandra Kant & Manisha Mishra Download
  5. Analysis of Land Use/Land Cover Change in Kanpur Nagar District Using LANDSAT Data and Development of Change Matrix Kashif Imdad, Ratnesh Shukla, Umesh Singh & Archana Chaudhary Download