About GSS


Human Subjects
GSS Journals require a statement by the author(s), at the time of manuscript submission or after acceptance of paper that authors has taken written permission of all person appearing in any Image of research paper, if any.

Data Fabrication or Falsification
GSS Journals considers any deliberate fabrication of data, including images, selective reporting of findings, omission of conflicting data, suppression or distortion of data as serious scientific misconduct. If any misconduct is found pre or post paper publication editorial board reserves the right to modify or withdraw paper, upon consultation with authors and complainers.

Proper Identification of Authors and Their Contributions
An individual must have contributed intellectually or substantially in research paper. It is assumed that all authors have reviewed and approved the submitted manuscript. An author’s contribution may take various forms, including conceptualization, data collection, data interpretation, data presentation, etc. If author’s research is sponsored or funding by any institution or corporation, the name of the sponsoring organization must be provided within the acknowledgments.

Use of others published and unpublished work or idea without attribution or permission, and presenting them as new and original rather than derived from an existing source. Such sources include all unpublished or published manuscripts in print or electronic publication format. We strongly discourage such unacknowledged plagiarism, and may take action against such violation when appropriate.

Simultaneous Submission
It will be assumed that all authors who submit papers to any of the GSS Journal to acknowledge and agree that results presented as new data have not been published and are not being considered for publication elsewhere. Submissions of the same manuscript in different journals by authors will not be tolerated. In case author submitted same paper in different journal without withdrawing paper he shall be blacklisted along with all co-authors if any and no papers will be accepted by GSS Journals in future.

Media Relations
The GSS Journals shall have the authority to release news of results of paper accepted for publication on their own portal or any other portal in print or online form. A formal consent of corresponding author of the paper shall be requested by the journal. He will have the right to suggest modification in release.